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I, Siva, would like to connect with you…heart to heart… no this will not be a long boring read…so please keep reading…

I am a rare and extraordinary individual, brimming with boundless greatness, just like you. I’ve unlocked my potential to its fullest extent, and I’m here to guide and inspire you to do the same.

This is more than just a simple bio; it’s a heartfelt message from my soul to yours.

From the very beginning, I was a shining star, a beacon of excellence to my parents, schoolteachers, and college lecturers. Despite grappling with the relentless weight of exam anxiety and stress, I persevered. Anxiousness has been my constant companion since I can remember, but it never deterred me from excelling. I was the teacher’s favorite wherever I went, achieving not just good grades but also a scholarship during my school days and a university rank in graduation. Learning has always been my core value, and I quickly discovered that teaching is the most potent path to learning. My passion for education ignited early in my life, and I even dedicated my time to teaching children in orphanages.

Today, I stand as a staunch advocate for realizing one’s true dreams and making a holistic impact on human lives by fortifying their mindsets.

I have been just like you, someone who once blindly followed the crowd, desperately trying to meet society’s expectations. This conformity led me down a dark path, one plagued by severe depression, where I languished for years. I was trapped within the confines of my social circle, populated by individuals who, like me, blindly pursued the conventional path. I found myself wrestling with countless questions about life. But today, I hold the answers, and I eagerly share them with my clients, finding profound joy in doing so.

I took the courageous step of leaving my IT job behind, embracing a life as a digital nomad with the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. Among my personal friends, family, and colleagues, I now stand as the bravest and most optimistic individual I know, and my clients are quickly joining that illustrious list.

Returning to my history, I was once the embodiment of depression and pessimism, a person who had been mired in darkness for far too long. My sleep dreams were filled with anxiety, as I cried out for justice and sought refuge from the people surrounding me. It was during this period, while working in an IT job that was entirely misaligned with my core values, that I plummeted into the depths of severe depression. Simultaneously, I grappled with a life-threatening illness, coming perilously close to death itself.

sivaranjani_mentors mentorsiva CCE + ICF Certified Emotional Intelligence Mentor Peacemaker 2100+ students + clients Anxiety Depression Overthinking OCD Trauma Procrastination Anger Stress Relief Expert Coach Holistic Life Coach Best Coach in Chennai

Specifics of Me during 2018 & 2019 (Even though roots of these problems started in my childhood): I was dealing with severe depression, anxiety, frustration, anger, blaming & complaining, felt hopeless, crying uncontrollably, scrolling social media mindlessly, was existing and not living, thought no one understood me, thought life was unfair and hell, had no real friends, being introvert, hatred towards many people including myself, lost interest in almost everything, didn’t smile or laugh, had severe job insecurities, couldn’t handle fake people, didn’t know my passion or purpose, didn’t know how to be happy with/without money and extraordinary love life, was suicidal, had many questions about life & happiness, had no answers for my problems, horrible skin, horrible job, horrible work life, no recognition for my efforts, procrastinating, felt low and dull, had severe health issues, looked horrible, avoided to see mirror, was emotionally abandoned by a group of people, got rejected left and right, was eating junk, had noise disturbances around, prayers didn’t work, things were only getting worser, wanted to escape somewhere where there is no one and no problems, etc etc. This was during 2018 & 2019, and I was struggling on every front.

Then, one day during 2019, when I was alone in the prayer area of our house, I unleashed my pent-up emotions. I shouted at God, asking all the “why me” questions, venting my frustrations. As I screamed at the top of my lungs, I remember asking, “Even if it’s all for the sake of heaven or hell, what’s the purpose behind it?” There was no answer from the religious figures in my life.

I was on a quest to discover my purpose on a profound level. However, amidst all the chaos, a confident voice just spoke: “Do something better to make yourself feel better. And that is always better.” I looked around, but there was no one there. Nobody in my life had that soothing, caring voice, or at least, I couldn’t bring myself to trust them. This voice was resounding, clear, and unwavering. I soon realized, It was my own inner voice. And that marked the precise moment when I started to listen to my intuition mindfully, right after I had finally expressed all the emotions I had suppressed and carried for so long.

From that point onward, my life took a turn, with its ups and downs. I learned to surrender to the divine flow of life, gradually releasing the weight of past trauma, abuse, and emotional baggage that had burdened me for years. Throughout my life, I had waited for someone to miraculously change my life, as many do when they approach the precipice of death, only to realize the beauty of living.

(Today, my mission is to prevent individuals from reaching that precipice, using the power of the mind to guide them towards a life of fulfillment. And if they’ve already taken that plunge, I’m here to help them recover swiftly.)

Ultimately, it was I who saved myself. I told myself to do something better, to pick up that book and read, to invest in a mental health program, and to trust and learn from mental health trainers. I began trusting others when I had finally trusted myself and tapped into my inner voice. I discovered that the divine savior had always resided within me; I just didn’t know how to access it. I embarked on a journey of learning about mental health, human behaviour, psychology, mindset, and happiness from top coaches and mentors ALL around the world. I reached a point where the lessons started to repeat among the various coaches I had engaged with. That’s when I realized I had ascended to the most advanced echelon, standing among the top 1% in the field of mental health. This time, my mastery wasn’t just about learning; it was about learning with love and passion for personal growth. I found all the answers I had sought for so long to find happiness. Above all, I became a genuinely happy person.

Now fast forward to 2023, I have solved all mentioned problems without any medications. It was not easy as I had to build awareness and implement solutions one by one out of my comfort zone, prioritizing my peace of mind. Life is still challenging, in fact, the problems are 100X more complex now, but my ability to solve and live through them has also increased to 100X. Now, I feel happy and fulfilled most of the time. You TOO can live happily doing productive work that fulfills you

Mentor Siva | Certified Life Coach | 2000+ Consulted & Mentored

Isn’t it an incredible cause for celebration? Realizing that you’ve been consistently happy for years, and that happiness has become a natural part of who you are. I put my faith in myself and in life entirely, becoming subconsciously braver and happier. I found joy in every moment, even in my sleep dreams. It dawned on me that if I, the once-pessimistic, depressive, anxious individual, could transform into the happiest, bravest, and most optimistic person, then anyone in this world could achieve the same. The distinction between hell and heaven lay solely within the mind, and by altering our thoughts for the better, we can fundamentally transform our lives. It’s all about the “IMMUNEmindwork,” a term I’ve coined, and it’s the heart of my mission—to help you discover the path to genuine happiness.

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We each have two lives. The life we live and the unlived life within us. What stands in between the two is resistance to doing the work.