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Feel in complete control of your mental and emotional well-being, break free from anxiety, overthinking, and OCD. No more stress overpowering your life or worrying about job security. Say goodbye to conflicts with everyone around you and find peace within.

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Manage anger, tears, and complaints gracefully, breaking free from the trauma on loop, and finding solace instead of staring at the wall feeling empty or lost with no passion or purpose. Put an end to comparititis, rejection coping, and procrastination that have held you back for so long.

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Unplug from social media addiction, regain the ability to focus, and complete tasks on time without waiting until the last minute. Break free from the habit of yelling at loved ones and embrace daily chores with a positive attitude. Discover hope and fulfillment in your love life, and embark on a solo trip that challenges and empowers you.

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Overcome life’s challenges, and understand that life is hard but not unfair. Say goodbye to porn and TV addiction, binge-watching, and being lost in fantasy. Transform stubborn negativity and stop scrolling till late night, finding joy in completing reading books and courses.

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Break free from the loop of finding faults in others, let go of worrying about what is lost, and learn to accept life’s results. Replace hatred with compassion and find happiness in the smallest of things. Gain clarity in confusing situations and find support when feeling alone and unsupported.

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Unleash your motivation and determination, and find effective solutions for lasting change instead of relying on temporary fixes. Break the cycle of googling symptoms and overthinking, release worries about past mistakes, and let go of the habit of blaming others.

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Release the stacked-up stress and cultivate deep and meaningful friendships. If you’ve experienced trauma, abuse, or harassment, know that you can heal and speak up confidently. Break free from making many bad decisions and find inner peace and restfulness.

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Realize that comparison is the thief of joy, and embrace your unique journey without envying others. Surround yourself with positive influences and let go of toxic friendships. Find peace with or without money, earn respect by respecting yourself, and stop wasting your precious life.

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If you’re struggling with suicidal thoughts, depression, or poor emotional and time management, know that there is hope for healing and transformation. Break free from feeling powerless and haunted by others’ opinions. Find solutions to your money issues and end the cycle of loans.

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Experience the power of understanding and self-awareness as you break free from unhelpful habits and develop new, healthy ones. Rediscover your passions and bring back the happiness you once knew. Break free from the influence of manipulative relatives and embrace a life of trust and authenticity.

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Replace unhealthy food and drink habits with nourishing choices and regain your vitality. Overcome health issues and low energy to feel good inside and out, enjoying life to the fullest.

Do you want this?

Mentor Siva 10X Productivity - 5 Day Bootcamp - Best Life Coach Sivaranjani Best Mentor Chennai
Mentor Siva | Certified Life Coach | 2000+ Consulted & Mentored
Mentor Siva | Certified Life Coach | 2000+ Consulted & Mentored

How To Know 

If This Is For You

Do you find yourself overwhelmed by conflicts with parents or struggling with anxiety, overthinking, and OCD? Does stress and uncertainty about job security leave you feeling stuck? Are anger, crying, and complaints affecting your relationships with others?


Do you feel lost, empty, and without passion or purpose, experiencing some kind of rejections coping with procrastination? Are you addicted to social media and unable to focus on important tasks, or completing them half baked at the last minute? Do you find yourself yelling at loved ones and avoiding usual chores?


Have you lost hope in your love life, longing for a solo trip to break free from mundane routines and embrace new challenges? Are you facing challenges that seem unfair, impacting your emotional well-being? Do you struggle with addictions, scrolling till late night, and being lost in fantasy?


Are you finding it hard to complete reading books and courses, and do you tend to blame others and worry about what is lost? Do you carry hatred and feel nothing makes you happy anymore? Are you feeling confused, alone, and lacking support in your journey?


Is your motivation and determination waning, leaving you searching for free solutions that don’t work? Do you find yourself googling symptoms and overthinking, unable to accept life’s results? Are you feeling overwhelmed by stacked-up stress and lacking deep, meaningful friendships?


Do you find it hard to speak up, or do you sometimes speak up wrongly? Are you making many bad decisions, experiencing restlessness, and comparing yourself to others? Do you struggle with envy and jealousy, surrounded by bad friends and feeling stressed with or without money?


Are you losing respect for yourself and wasting precious moments of your life? If you’re battling suicidal thoughts, depression, poor emotional management, and time management, know that you’re not alone. Want to break free from the feeling of having no control in life and reclaim your power?


Want to Break free from the fear of judgment and find solace in your own authenticity? Want to Say goodbye to money issues and the burden of loans?


If you answered YES to any of the above,
then this program was


This is your sacred invitation to shift from self-doubt and fear to living your dreams with presence, passion, and unstoppable vision.

This is a journey of coming home to yourself.
This is a journey of remembrance.

In Every Moment You Have Two 


Will you evolve or will you repeat?

 Will you open & surrender or will you close & protect?

Will you choose faith or will you choose fear?

You Create Your Reality Through The Choices You Make.
  • What would it feel like to choose to live in a reality where you truly feel at home in your own skin?
  • What would it feel like to wake up everyday with child-like excitement toward the day?
  • …What would it feel like to choose to live in a reality where you’re free from conflicts, anxiety, and overthinking?
  • …What would it feel like to wake up every day with a sense of purpose and clarity, confidently facing life’s challenges?
  • …to be able to manage your emotions and reactions with grace and resilience?…to stop procrastinating and embrace a fulfilling, focused life?…to let go of negativity and embrace positive energy that transforms your life?

Close your eyes and envision it. This is possible for you. There is a reality in which this already exists for you. That reality becomes THIS reality when you make the decision to put in the work to become that person. It begins when you CHOOSE to go within, to identify, & to unlearn the patterns this version of you is attached to & needs to let go of in order to become THAT version of you.

Let Me Show You How That 


I’m going, to be honest with you.

This program is not a quick fix or a magic pill. This human experience is a lifelong journey of always evolving. You will never be exonerated from the work. Life will continue to stretch you.

This program contains the blueprint for the version of you who is ready, and able, and eager to be stretched.

This program is for the visionary who is committed to growing, evolving, and contributing to the world.

This program is for the conscious, heart-led soul who is focused on long-term fulfillment, rather than short-term gratification, and is willing to put in the work to get there.

This is not a 10 week fix, this is a 10 week immersive container that will provide you with a blueprint that will become the basic operating system – the code – for a new version of you.

In our time together, we will co-create a mindset of such deep trust & confidence in yourself that you feel ready to tackle the world.

Mentor Siva | Certified Life Coach | 2000+ Consulted & Mentored
Mentor Siva | Certified Life Coach | 2000+ Consulted & Mentored

Meet your guide,



I am devoted to creating safe and conscious communities where visionaries, healers, seekers, and creatives can gather to feel, to heal, to connect, to liberate, and to create.
I am devoted to the embodiment and teachings of:

  • how to more fully participate in this thing we call life,
  • how we can navigate the human experience with more grace, ease, and abundance,
  • how to do it all with an unclenched body and an open heart.

My expertise comes from 4+ years of my own immersive personal work with 30+ Courses Certifications + events investing 6000+ hours in and over $20,000 of investments into my healing, embodiment, and leadership with some of the most impressive and renowned teachers in the healing and self-development space.

I have been coaching for 2+ years and have guided over 2000+ men & women through inner transformation via live coaching containers and in person classes.

I created this program because I believe that every single human being deserves to have an internal arsenal of tools that will allow them to feel deeply confident, empowered, and capable of creating the life of their dreams.

Not only will you leave this experience feeling clearer about who you are & what your purpose is; you will also be provided with grounding tools that you can always return to in times of need.

Nothing changes until you do.

The life that you dream of is waiting for you.

All it takes is your decision to claim it.

What Makes This


We don’t do JUST the trauma healing.

We don’t do JUST human optimization. We do both.

This program is a blueprint for how to heal the past, enjoy the present, and design the future you dream of. No more daydreaming about it.


We each have two lives. The life we live and the unlived life within us. What stands in between the two is resistance to doing the work.